COVID-19 and Suicide

‘COVID-19’: a single problem with chained consequences

Safal khabar

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‘COVID-19’: a single problem with chained consequences

- Yojana Baral and Rochana Ghimire

Suicide is not a choice or may be sometime it is the only choice. We are well aware about the fact where COVID-19 is taking this world. Nowadays, our morning starts with a heart wrenching suicide news of a known familiar happy face of society. But hasn’t suicide been a problem of all time? Is this pandemic the only reason to be blamed? Well, might be! At least in this global crisis it might have added several risk factors for suicide. More than 20 people committed suicide every day during lockdown compared to 15 suicide case per day in last year. There are list of stressors which stimulate the risk for suicidal attempts in human being.

With the entry of COVID-19 and expeditious decision of lockdown introduced numerous stressors, which are equally responsible for deteriorating the sound mental health of normal people. The most crucial restrictive measure: social distancing has surely led all of us towards a certain level of loneliness. It never rains but it pours. Along with that loss of job, restrictive movement and problems raised due to these factors amplified the mental health risks among all. To get the sack is never a choice but along with that there aroused an imbalance between living and running the life at the same time. Every sector has been hit hard at once. Mental health can affect any people irrespective of their name, fame or social status. Diamond cuts diamond doesn’t apply sometimes. One crisis never can cut off other crisis, it only adds uninvited imbalance on our normal physical and mental health. The disruptive mental status automatically projects the consequences to suicide.

The fluctuating rate of suicide doesn’t matter if no promising steps are taken to lower down the problem. The role of government upon its people is wide. And when it comes to the lives of people, it is now or never. But not any specific rigid measure has been applied to control suicide in our country. Easy and free access to health service, creating employment opportunities and supportive environment are the few areas where government should work for minimizing the increasing trend of suicides. National and international organizations working for mental health should focus on ‘COVID-19 and Mental health’ related programs, now more than ever. Family, friends and neighbors can play crucial role in reducing the stigma related to mental health. Public booths for counselling and personality development, online counselling sites is most needed at present time and mental health issues should be discussed.

Suicide is an unheard cry for help and ‘we’ every being are equally responsible for declining this trend.  Let’s raise our voice, let’s talk, let’s hear from others, let’s share the trouble and let’s bear the guts to face the crisis.

(Writers Yojana Baral and Rochana Ghimire are recent BPH graduate from Shree Medical and Technical College.)

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