Narayanghat-Butwal Road Poject Work Resumption Progress

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शनिबार, ०६ असार २०७७, १४ : १७
Narayanghat-Butwal Road Poject Work Resumption Progress

Chitwan, During theCOVID-19 pandemic period, the project positively resumed work as per the requirements of the employer and the work was officially resumed on May 23.

On March 24, 2020, Government of Nepal declared a lockdown due to outbreak of COVID-19 in Nepal, resulting into suspension of the work. On April 23,2020, the employer organized a work resumption meeting together with the contractor and the consultants. On April 24, the contractor submitted the work resumption plan and the problems to be coordinated for solution.

Due to lock down in Nepal, project local staff could not return to work site. Similarly, construction materials like steel, cement and other materials could not be delivered to the site. Most of the local staff are mainly from Bardiya District, and some of the staff are from the areas near the project. The contractor contacted all the staff one by one requesting them to return to work, but the pandemic situation was getting worse.

In the meantime, Government of Nepal further extended the lockdown period and imposed strict measures for inter district movements of people. Hence, transport permits for the staff could not be issued and these staff failed to return to work. The main construction materials required for the project could not be transported to the site either. With the joint efforts and facilitation of the consultant and employer, 120 local staff from the project area are organized and using the cement and rebar that was at stock, the work was officially resumed on May 23 and witnessed by the consultant and employer.

Currently, minor bridge at K10 + 574, culverts, culverts backfilling at different locations are in progress for Section-1 of Narayanghat-Butwal Road Project. Similarly, bridge piling work is in progress at K90 + 770 (Somnath Khola). Under normal circumstances, 2 nos of piles can be completed per day. The other works will be gradually started as per the site situation.

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